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Vega de Granada production area, unique in the world

View of arabic fortress Alhambra at the evening in Granada, Spain


Ever since 1964, in Chauchina, a very privilegy plains of the Vega of Granada.

We grow in a traditional manner our asparagus whith a taste and unique looking far from searching for a large production and yield, we are still doing thins as alwais dids, with patient and to know how, we area searching for the asparagus hundred per cent with proper taste.

Our company

In our Company the ascenstral knowledge and the new technologies get toguether making us been one of the most imoportat company of the area.

In the last ten years we are looking for a ambitious project, which consist in mixing our commintment with the natural enviorement making sure of a great development, because to us every little aspect counts.Growing as a result the organic asparagus and the most important hundred per cent natual and healthy.

Close up of person picking green asparagus in garden.

Product of the organic agriculture

Our process

From the hills of Sierra Nevada the river Genil carries the water to the plains of Granada, irrigating our fields.

In a natural evironment surrounled forest of poplar grove grows the asparagus the traditional way keeping the irrigation system inherated from the nazaries.

During the spring, the very low temperatures during the night and very hight temperatures during the day makes this area ideal for asaparagus growing with the cold weather during the night you archive a natural pest control and a slow growing of the cultivar, with the hot weather during the day you get a colour and a textura heardly unequeled